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Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

Customized Personal Training

Our workouts and training programs are designed for each individual client. You'll get personal training, made just for you.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

12 Week Nutritional Plan

No diets. Just honest, simple, and straight-forward nutrition that fuels your body for ultimate health and fitness.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

At Home Workouts

Keep your results going strong with our easy-to-follow at home routines.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

Monthly Progress Report

We'll use real data to show you just how far you've come. Monthly progress reports keep you on track and motivated.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

Individual Menu Planning

With tons of flexibility, our menu planning helps you eat foods that are right for you.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

100% GUARANTEED Results

Attend your personal training sessions. Follow our recommended nutritional plans. You'll see results - guaranteed.

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Personal Training and Nutrition New Bedford, MA

Are you finally ready to get the body you’ve always wanted? Sault Fitness in New Bedford, MA offers private personal training and nutrition planning to people of all ages, body types, and experience levels. We understand that everyone is different; our programs are personalized to meet the unique circumstances and goals of each and every client we work with. Our comprehensive services are for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Train in private or join our group fitness program for team workouts. Partner with the best personal trainers near me.

  • Dartmouth, MA
  • New Bedford, MA
  • Westport, MA
  • Fairhaven, MA

Contact us today in order to request a consultation or sign up for one of our membership plans! We’re looking forward to helping you transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Private Personal Training

Our trainers aim to educate, motivate, and inspire you to live healthier. So no matter what your fitness goals are, our private personal training and nutrition planning service offers a customized solution to help you get there.

Our nutrition plans are nothing like the fad diets you see in the news and hear about from friends. We focus on learning how your body responds to different foods and creating a plan based on straight-forward wholesome nutrition.

The Benefits of Our Private Personal Training and Nutrition Programs

  • Get workouts customized specifically for your body and experience level
  • Reduce the risk of injury with the supervision of an expert
  • Have your progress tracked with real data that shows you how far you’ve come
  • Get in shape without having to share a crowded gym

Personal Trainers Near Me

What makes our personal training and nutrition programs different from other fitness businesses in the area? Our results are guaranteed!

Customized Personal Training: Get a training program designed just for you. We start by identifying your goals and assessing your current ability level as well as anything that may impact your training (chronic injuries, medical conditions, etc.). Then, we customize a workout plan that pushes you from where you are to where you want to be. Our trainers really listen to our clients to ensure that they are getting a safe, effective workout every time.

12-Week Nutrition Plan: Our personal training and nutrition membership options include a 12-week nutrition plan. This plan is designed to remove unhealthy, inflammatory foods from your diet. You should start feeling more natural energy and focus within the first two weeks of your new diet. This isn’t a fad diet; it’s a structured plan to help you stay healthy.

At-Home Workouts: Learn simple, effective exercises that you can do at home! We’ll teach you how to continue your health efforts in your free time and make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Monthly Progress Reports: Weight is not the only indicator of progress when it comes to health and fitness. Our monthly progress reports provide real data that shows you how far you’ve come. This helps you stay motivated and focused on your goals!

Are you searching for “personal trainers near me” in the New Bedford, MA or the surrounding towns? Get in touch with Sault Fitness today and find out why we are the most experienced and effective trainers in the local area.

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Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA
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Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA
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Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA
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"I began training at Sault Fitness in September 2016, knowing that I needed to make some lifestyle changes. At age 72, I am amazed at how well I am feeling today…."
Kin Howland
"Since joining Sault Fitness in August 2016 and working with Mike, I have finally achieved long term success. I have lost 33 pounds and 5 inches off of my waist and, as a result, I am no longer taking blood pressure and cholesterol medicine."
Glenn Sherman
"If you have the opportunity to train with Jared, you will see results that you didn't think were possible. Training with Jared is an amazing experience."
Mark Bastian


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