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We cater to all experience levels. Don't be shy and see what you're missing.


We even have more intense workouts for the personal trainer in you.


We can train any age level. If you want to have a healthier lifestyle then call us today to find out more.

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Guaranteed results in only 12 weeks!

At Sault Fitness you get to train in a setting where you will feel comfortable to achieve your fitness goals. Take the time to invest in a healthier you.

Our fitness plans are perfect for everyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

What you will get.

Make your workout easier and get faster results

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

Customized Personal Training

Our workouts and training programs are designed for each individual client. You'll get personal training, made just for you.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

12 Week Nutritional Plan

No diets. Just honest, simple, and straight-forward nutrition that fuels your body for ultimate health and fitness.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

At Home Workouts

Keep your results going strong with our easy-to-follow at home routines.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

Monthly Progress Report

We'll use real data to show you just how far you've come. Monthly progress reports keep you on track and motivated.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

Individual Menu Planning

With tons of flexibility, our menu planning helps you eat foods that are right for you.

Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA

100% GUARANTEED Results

Attend your personal training sessions. Follow our recommended nutritional plans. You'll see results - guaranteed.

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Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA
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Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA
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Personal Training in Dartmouth, MA
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"I began training at Sault Fitness in September 2016, knowing that I needed to make some lifestyle changes. At age 72, I am amazed at how well I am feeling today…."
Kin Howland
"Since joining Sault Fitness in August 2016 and working with Mike, I have finally achieved long term success. I have lost 33 pounds and 5 inches off of my waist and, as a result, I am no longer taking blood pressure and cholesterol medicine."
Glenn Sherman
"If you have the opportunity to train with Jared, you will see results that you didn't think were possible. Training with Jared is an amazing experience."
Mark Bastian