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"We guarantee our customized fitness and nutritional programs will help you reach your goal."

Achieve Your Health Goals With Our Private Personal Training Services in New Bedford, MA

Invest in a healthier you with the help of our reliable private personal training services at Sault Fitness in New Bedford, MA. We customized one-on-one training programs which allow you to partner with an experienced fitness expert and personal nutritionist. Through dedication and consistency, we guarantee that you’ll see results.

A gym membership and a little dedication can go a long way, but without guidance and support, most people fall short of their goals. Many people never even attempt to improve their fitness because they are inexperienced and don’t know what to do. If you want to reach your goals quickly and effectively, one-on-one training with a certified personal trainer is the best way to do it. Our trainers motivate you and hold you accountable for your efforts. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation or learn more about our private training programs.

One-On-One Training


What better way to ensure results than through dedicated personal attention from a certified fitness trainer? Our gym trainers have unparalleled education and experience in the field working with clients of all ages, body types, and ability levels. We customize our fitness and nutrition programs for each individual client. Upon your initial private training consultation, we’ll learn about your weight-loss and general health-related goals. We’ll also assess your current abilities. Then, we’ll create a workout and nutrition program that is tailored specifically for your unique needs. If you follow the program we set for you and stay consistent, we guarantee you will see results. In fact, our clients typically lose 3-5 pounds within the first week of their customized program.

Our private training programs are not only designed to help you trim inches from your waist, but they’re also designed to improve your overall health. All of our clients report feeling better and more energetic within the first few weeks. The transition into a healthier lifestyle is never an easy one, especially if you have to go it alone. Luckily, you don’t. Our trainers provide ongoing support, motivation, and guidance to help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Sault Fitness’ private training programs help clients:

  • Overcome fitness fears and limitations
  • Learn proper exercise techniques to maximize effectiveness and avoid injury

Speak With a Personal Nutritionist


When you choose us for private personal training sessions, you also get to work with a personal nutritionist who can help you create a meal plan that works for you. We don’t do trendy diets; we believe in getting full nutrition from real, wholesome foods. At Sault Fitness, we offer private training memberships and a 12-week basic nutritional plan that removes harmful foods from your diet. During this period, we also see how your body reacts to certain foods so we can personalize your nutrition plan going forward. To request more information, contact our team in New Bedford, MA.

Private Personal Trainers Near Me


Are you in Dartmouth, MA or the surrounding towns and searching for “private personal trainers near me”? There are a number of gyms, fitness clubs, and independent trainers in the local area. Sault Fitness stands out because we provide truly personalized services. Our one-on-one training programs are more than just workouts. We get to know our clients personally so that we can understand their motivations and concerns surrounding their body and health. We believe that our clients get the best results when they change their mindset and not just their routine. Your trainer/personal nutritionist can help you make the transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Sign up for one of our private training membership options and start your journey today. See our Personal Training and Nutrition New Bedford, MA page here. 

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